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Time to tell an old tale with no beginning and no end .
Once it's told, your arms will fold, your eyes will roll and your mind will bend.
you'll forget what you've remembered but remember every  word you've herd.
listen carefully because we need you to be very very very very  scared.


Some say its reptilian and  that  that sheds its skin like a snake.
Some say a man with an outstretched hand like a financier on the take
It could be a weed from  a demon seed with the feet of a centipede and the teeth of an Owl
who cares!  you'd better beware when  the invisible menace is on the prowl.

Out on the streets it seeks  the weak, it whispers secrets and it  speaks deceit.
It lurks around  churches humming turgid dirges and feeds on frustrated human urges.
"maybe" they say  "its mist in the air"  like a softly spoken threat !
Best not to breath , better hold your breath.  in case you breath yourself to death  !!!


Who will defend us from the invisible menace?
Who will defend us from the invisible menace?
Not the Police man,
Not the Politician,
Not the needy man,
the  greedy Media man,
Not the Preacher man or
the Corporate Teacher Man,
Not the Military,
Not the Revolutionary.

who? what? which?  why ?  where? when? How?

It's no mystery what always has been the  unforgivable sin  

the Invisible Menace,   As seen on T.V !


Slowly slowly catchee monkey .
Eye of newt and spittle of bat.
Cockroach Zombies, Disease of Weasels.
Trickseys mixed with this and that.
Pinch of pleasure, Pinch of pain,
Hemlock and Homunculus brain ,
words from the severed tongue of a fool  
and a measured  inch from  the Devils rule.

effigies of  enemies mixed with dreamed reality,
poisoned entrails  on  the farm,

wicked  charms  for wicked harm !

© 2020 Eoghan Cosgrave

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