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My valentine is something of a Mona Lisa 
with John the Babtist  eyes,
and when I'm inclined to promulgate my theories of causality
she quietly replies....


"so may it be" 

In the darkness she's a pleasant incandescence,
she breathes out and I breath in. 
I've redesigned my senses just to feel her presence,
warm against my skin .


again and again. 

so baby  !
A dozen blood red  roses  written in a song  
for yesterday's tomorrow all year long. 
for incessant destiny  !
so may it be!  so may it be! 

My valentine is quiet as a Chinese whisper.
deliciously unsaid.
and when she shines a hundred thousand million fireflies.
take flight inside my head...............



                                                       © 2021 Eoghan Cosgrave 

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