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Sometimes my mind will wander and sometimes I'll follow .
and return to burnt lake , the island, where  there was always tomorrow,
and we would  deep dive  for sunken treasure and ancient bones
recall the times we've had and the ghosts we've known.
and they carried us home,,,,,,,,,,, back to the land.
and we carried   them home,,,,,,, back to the land.

The day we rode the storm at Tobermory, the sky gods were at war.
we thought we were one with their fury and with the flotsam on the shore.
The ink of this time and place tattooed on  me.
The wrinkles of pride on your face, etched  in my memory.
we carried  them home,,,,,,,,,,, back to the land,
Carried them home,,,,,,, back to the land.

Out here in the rain I feel you cry.
the stars, you're eyes maybe a smile,
and on your lips a whisper ?

We wake in the land of holy water with whiskey and some words.
and soon enough set sail for the Skellig  to be  out with the birds.
Here at this most sacred place.... of being alone,
I braced the waves and  let you go
Ashes from my hand,,,,,,,,,,, back to the land.
In the waves and in the sand,,,,,,,,,, back to the land.
to  the soil and  the stone ,,,,,,,,,,,,back to the land
I carried you home,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

© 2018  Eoghan Cosgrave

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